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Agium EPM specializes in design and implementation of both Oracle Hyperion Performance Management and OneStream Software

Why choose Agium EPM - As fully certified business partner for both Oracle and OneStream, Agium EPM is uniquely positioned to design and implement Oracle Hyperion Performance Management as well as OneStream XF Software tools to seamlessly integrate your financial and IT processes. Moreover, your business is our passion and once your EPM solution has been succesfully implemented, we will only be satisfied when you are fully capable of operating and improving it yourself.

When it comes to Enterprise Performance Management, Agium EPM is the ideal partner to provide you with the most effective solutions. Our team of EPM consultants are among Europe's highest skilled EPM specialists and have over 15 years experience in helping a wide range of companies implement sophisticated software tools for purposes of corporate consolidation, financial reporting, data integration, planning and business intelligence solutions.


Agium EPM consultants are among the best EPM specialists for designing and implementing your Enterprise Performance Management Solution


Agium EPM works together with the leading EPM software vendors in the market. We are always looking out for new technologies to serve our clients
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Please contact us to find out how Agium EPM can help to bring your Enterprise Performance Management to the next level. We will make an appointment for an informal talk.

We are happy to discuss specific solutions, organize products demonstrations and facilitate round table discussions.

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